Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong

Everyday Magical Lacy Thong

Sale price¥3,200(tax in)

*This product is not eligible for the Everyday Essential Bra first-time return free campaign.

Color:nude rose
nude rose nude rosenude roseblack

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Introducing the popular Everyday Magical Lacy Shorts, which offer the ultimate in comfort!

The soft and stretchy magical lace fits comfortably around your hips.

The regular length is less worn than the Everday Magical Lacy Shorts, and the sides are thicker for a healthy look.

This is an all-lace thong with large roses blooming on your bare skin, giving you a feminine and stylish look.

The back of the front and crotch area are made of 100% silk to create a feeling of self-love.

These versatile shorts provide maximum comfort all day long, both during the day and at bedtime.

*If you have trouble choosing a size, please check here .

A song using the popular magical lace♡

I adjusted it over and over again so that my hip line looks beautiful from every angle, and I finally arrived at it...!
Luxurious all-over lace, front back and crotch area made of 100% silk
It's so comfortable that you'll want to wear it not only at night, but also every day ♡
It doesn't feel constricting, so you can wear it with a relaxed feeling.
Please feel free to experience the ultimate comfort of magical lace that stretches well and softly follows the contours of your body.

It's sure to become a piece you won't be able to part with!

■Color: nude rose/black
*Please refer to the torso image for the color of the product.
Although we take care to reproduce colors as close to the real thing as possible, the appearance of the actual product may differ depending on the customer's monitor environment.
Also, please note that colors may vary depending on the product, even if the color name is the same.

■Size range: S/M
* Regarding the size notation, there may be individual differences of ±1 to 2 cm during the production process even for the same product. Please refer to the size notation as a guide only.

Body: Nylon/Polyurethane
Lining: 100% silk

*This product uses 100% recycled materials for its packaging from a sustainable perspective.
Therefore, small black dots may appear in the bag, but this is not a quality problem. note that.

[Product precautions]
-Please note that the product images are samples and may differ from the actual product in terms of color, specifications, size, etc.
-Prolonged exposure to sunlight or lighting may cause discoloration or fading.
・Dark colors may fade or transfer due to friction, sweat, or moisture.
・Do not leave it wet or soak it for a long time.
・As it is a delicate material, please be careful about friction and tearing.
・Please be careful not to get caught on surrounding objects, bags, accessories, etc.

[Notes when ordering]
・If there is a rush of orders, shipping may take longer than usual.
・Product images are taken in a studio in a color that is as close to the real thing as possible, but depending on the customer's monitor environment, there may be discrepancies between the product image and the actual product.
・For items that do not have a shipping date specified on the product page, it will generally take 5 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) after the product order is confirmed. (Delivery of the product may be delayed due to traffic conditions due to weather, etc., or during busy transportation times.)
・We cannot accept size or color changes after your order is confirmed.
・We do not provide gift wrapping services.
・In order to ensure the safety of our operators, we regret to inform you that customer service will not be able to respond to telephone calls for the time being. For inquiries, please contact us from [CONTACT].

[We do not accept returns or exchanges in the following cases]
・If we cannot contact you within 7 days after receiving the product.
・If the customer wishes to exchange or return the product (color/size) due to the customer's convenience.
・If the product is damaged or damaged due to the customer's responsibility, or if the product has been used even once (excluding trying on the product)
・If the image is different due to the customer's convenience
・If the product tag, sewn-in brand name, or quality display is damaged or removed.
・If the package, tag (affixed to the package), or accessories included with the product are missing or damaged.
・If the delivery note included with the product is lost/discarded
・If there are individual differences in the reason for exchange or return, such as the product having a strong odor.
・If the product has odors (perfume, cosmetics, cigarette odor, etc.) in the customer's presence
・If foreign matter is attached (animal hair, other fibers, dust, etc.)
・If you repeatedly make excessive returns or exchanges
・If the product was ordered outside of this site
・Shorts other than defective items
・If the item has been touched up or washed
・If there is a note on the product page that says [Not eligible for exchange]
・If our store cannot determine that the product is defective
・Other: If our store determines that we cannot accept exchanges based on the above.

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