Even though you don't know their address, why not give a gift as a token of your gratitude to someone you care about?

What is e-gift?

Selectable Gifts

Gifts to choose from

The recipient of the gift can freely choose the size of their choice , so they can safely gift ROSIER's popular products.

Everyday Essential Bra
Sale price¥4,800 (tax in)
Everyday Essential Night Bra
Sale price¥4,600 (tax in)
ROSIER Bra Camisole
Sale price¥5,900 (tax in)
Everyday Essential Shorts
Sale price¥2,600 (tax in)
Everyday Magical Lacy Shorts
Sale price¥3,300 (tax in)
Everyday Magical Lacy Thong
Sale price¥3,200 (tax in)
Select the product you want to gift
Select "Proceed to e-gift purchase procedure" and purchase the product (shipping costs will be borne by the purchaser)
Copy the URL of the receiving page
Send the link to the person you want to gift
Open the e-gift receipt URL received from the gift giver and click "Receive Gift"
Select the gift option you wish to receive
Enter your name, address, and other information, confirm the details, and complete the registration.

・E-gifts cannot be purchased at the same time as other products.
・We do not provide gift wrapping, message cards, or carrier bags.
- If the orderer and delivery address are different, the amount of the product will not be included in the delivery note.
・Please note that you cannot specify your desired delivery date and time.
・Receipt deadline is 7 days from completion of purchase. If the recipient does not complete the procedure by the deadline, the order will be automatically canceled.
・Please note that we cannot accept cancellations or product exchanges after an order has been placed.
・Please note that once you have registered your receiving information, we will not be able to change your address as shipping will begin.