About regular purchases

*Regular purchases are only applicable to orders from within Japan. Thank you for your understanding.

Shipping fee

GLOW SUNSCREEN SERUM 440 yen (tax included)
SENSUAL RICH BODY CREAM 550 yen (tax included)
SENSUAL RICH BODY BALM550 yen (tax included)
We deliver uniformly anywhere in the country.

Priority delivery & advance information on new products

We will prioritize stock availability for customers using regular purchases.
We will also notify you in advance when new products are released.

■About delivery

Regularly purchased items will be delivered individually.

We appreciate your understanding that this item cannot be bundled with other items and will be shipped separately.

■About application

Regular purchase orders are only accepted from the official website.
Please note that customer centers and stores (House of Herme/and limited-time shops) do not accept requests.

■About the application limit

Each person is limited to one regular purchase order for the same product.

About changing payment method

You can change the payment method (credit card) you selected when placing your order. Please complete the procedure from My Page at least 5 days before the scheduled payment date.
*You cannot change to another payment method.

■Delivery cycle

Deliveries will be made automatically according to the cycle (30 days, 45 days, or 60 days) you selected when placing your regular purchase order.
However, due to logistics, traffic conditions, holidays, holidays, etc., the delivery date may be before or after the specified date.

■Change of delivery cycle

You can change the delivery cycle you selected when placing your order.
If you wish to make changes, please complete the procedure from My Page at least 5 days before the scheduled payment date.

■About skip/cancellation

For regular purchases, delivery will be automatically renewed, but you can skip delivery or cancel your subscription.
Skip will stop the next delivery and will deliver it in the next delivery cycle.
If you wish to skip or cancel your subscription, please go to My Page at least 5 days before the scheduled payment date.
Unless you notify us of cancellation, the product will be delivered automatically.

Scheduled payment date February 22, 2023 → February 17, 2023 Skip/cancellation possible 〇

Scheduled payment date: February 22, 2023 → February 18, 2023 Skip/cancellation not possible✕

■About cancellation (cancellation of order)

After placing a regular purchase order, it is possible to cancel the order (order cancellation) only at the time of the first delivery and up to the time the product is shipped.

Please submit your cancellation request using the form below.


[Orders that cannot be canceled]

- For orders where shipping of the product has started
- For orders where the product has been shipped
- If you wish to cancel only some of the products in your order
- For orders that are marked as non-cancellable on the product page or campaign page, etc.

*If you use a coupon, it cannot be reapplied after cancellation.

We do not accept cancellations, changes, exchanges, or returns after the shipping process has started or after shipping due to customer error or customer convenience. For more information on cancellation (cancellation of order), please refer to this page.

■Delivery date and time desired

You can specify the first delivery date from 4 to 7 days after your order date.
You can specify the delivery date for the second and subsequent shipments up to 5 days before the next scheduled payment date from the previous shipping date.

[Delivery time]

Sagawa Express <br>Morning (8:00-12:00)

Yamato Takkyubin Compact

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the system does not allow you to select from the site. If you wish, please write your desired date and time in the notes section.

Morning (8:00-12:00)

*Once your application has been confirmed, changes to the date and time cannot be made until the next delivery cycle.
■Shipping notification

Each time your order is shipped, we will automatically send notification of shipping completion to the email address you registered as the payment method at the time of ordering.

The email contains the invoice number, the delivery status of the package, and a URL for contact information.

■About returns and refunds

If the delivered product is defective or different from the ordered product, we will exchange it for the same (same color/same size) product.
Please refer to this page for details.

■Confirm/change registration details

To register, log in using the "Login" button at the top of the top page, and then check and change your regular purchase order details from "Regular Purchase Order History" on My Page.

If you have any questions about regular purchases, please contact us via CONTACT .