Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings
Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings
Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings

Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings

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Gold Hoop Pearl Earrings



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Earrings using thick gold parts and pearls.

Rather than being flat, the gold parts have a moving surface that creates just the right amount of looseness.
Furthermore, by arranging elegantly sized pearls, this item gives a sparkling and gorgeous impression to your ears.

The timeless design will never get boring and can be used in a wide range of situations.

■Color: gold
*Please refer to the individual product image for the color of the product. Although we take care to reproduce colors as close to the real thing as possible, the appearance of the actual product may differ depending on the customer's monitor environment.
Also, please note that colors may vary depending on the product, even if the color name is the same.

■Material: Brass / Resin Pearl

・Please note that the item may shift from its fixed position during delivery.
- If excessive force is applied to the motif part, it may lead to damage. Please be careful not to apply strong force or pull.
-Accessories are delicately made and break easily, so please be careful not to hit or drop them. When storing it, be sure to put it in a bag etc.
・Please be careful not to get caught on clothes, skin, hair, etc. when putting on or taking off.
・It is sensitive to sweat and water and may discolor. Please prevent this by taking care of yourself frequently.
・Please be careful if you have allergies or are in poor physical condition as this may cause a rash.

■Country of origin: MADE IN KOREA

■Size range: F
[Total length: approx. 1.5cm / width: approx. 0.6cm / resin pearl: approx. 0.8cm]

* Regarding the size notation, individual differences may occur even for the same product during the production process. Please refer to the size notation as a guide only. * Click here to directly consult with web staff.

[Product precautions]
*There may be differences in color and texture depending on the production period. Please note.
*Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or returns due to differences in color or texture.
-Please note that the product images are samples, so the color, specifications, size, etc. may differ from the actual product.
-Prolonged exposure to sunlight or lighting may cause discoloration or fading.
・Dark colors may fade or transfer due to friction, sweat, or moisture.
・Do not leave it wet or soak it for a long time.
・As it is a delicate material, please be careful about friction and tearing.
・Please be careful not to get caught on surrounding objects, bags, accessories, etc.

[Notes when ordering]
・If an order is canceled even after the item is displayed as "out of stock", sales may be resumed without prior announcement. Please note.
・If there is a rush of orders, shipping may take longer than usual.
・Product images are taken in a studio in a color that is as close to the real thing as possible, but depending on the customer's monitor environment, there may be differences between the product image and the actual product.
・For items that do not have a shipping date specified on the product page, it will generally take 5 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) after the product order is confirmed. (Delivery of the product may be delayed due to traffic conditions due to weather, etc., or during busy transportation times.)
・With the exception of some products, orders can only be canceled (cancellation of orders) if the order is placed before the product is shipped.
・We do not provide free gift wrapping or shopping bag bundling services.

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