ROSIER by Her lip to POP UP SHOP at OSAKA Hankyu Umeda

ROSIER by Her lip to POP UP SHOP at OSAKA Hankyu Umeda

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of ROSIER by Her lip to.

"ROSIER by Her lip to" will be available for a limited time from November 15th (Wednesday) to November 21st (Tuesday), 2023 at " Some Good Studio" on the 3rd floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store in Umeda, Osaka. We will open a SHOP.

<Second time held in the Kansai area. Popular items that will be unveiled for the first time at the pop-up shop will also appear>

ROSIER by Her lip to will hold a pop-up shop at Hankyu Umeda Main Store. The event was held at Lucuaire in Umeda, Osaka in July of the same year, and received a great response, so this will be the second time this year that it will be held in the Kansai area.

The new item ``ROSIER Dress Inner'' released in October and the new mauve color of the popular lingerie ``Magnolia Tulle Lace Bra Set'' will be unveiled for the first time at the pop-up shop.
In addition, the shapewear "Hourglass Bra Shaper", which is currently sold out in some sizes on the official website, will also be available in a variety of sizes.

In addition, we have the brand's representative lingerie "Everyday Essential Bra" and "Everyday Essential Shorts/Thong," as well as night lingerie using our original magical lace, "Everyday Essential Night Bra" and "Everyday Magical Lacy Shorts/Thong." .

We can actually fit items other than shorts, and we can also measure your bust size if you wish.​​

Please try ROSIER lingerie in store and experience the comfort and attention to detail.

<Pop-up shop pre-sale items>

Le Fleurage Bra Set ¥12,000(tax in)
Color: pink camellia / red dahlia
B70 & M / B75 & M / C65 & S / C70 & M, / C75 & M / D65 & S / D70 & M / D75 & M / E65 & S / E70 & M / E75 & M / F65 & S / F70 & M / F75 & M

ROSIER Comfy Robe ¥12,500(tax in)
Color: rose

ROSIER Comfy Blanket ¥14,500(tax in)
Color: rose

<New colors available for popular items available only at the pop-up shop. Limited quantity set items and shopping novelties also available>

"ROSIER Pouch Set" is a set of Everyday Essential Bra&Shorts and ROSIER Pouch that can only be obtained at the pop-up shop. At Hankyu Umeda Main Store, Limited Color, which is a deep royal red with silver embroidery to enliven the holiday mood, will be available in limited quantities.

We have a limited quantity of "ROSIER Exclusive TOTE" available as a novelty gift to customers who purchase over a certain amount at the venue.

Pop-up shop limited set

ROSIER Pouch Set 【Limited Color】 ¥12,000(tax in)
Color: nude rose / black / pearl blue

*The pouch is available in only one color.
*Mocha is not for sale.
*The pouch is not sold separately.

Everyday Magical Lacy Shorts Trio ¥9,405(tax in)
Color: nude rose / black / french mauve

*French mauve is only available in S and M sizes.
*3-color set of nude rose/black/french mauve (S, M size) is also available.

ROSIER Lingerie Bag ¥8,800(tax in)
Color: rose


For purchases over ¥23,000 (tax in)

Pop-up shop items

ROSIER Dress Inner (nude rose/black)

Magnolia Tulle Lace Bra Set (mauve)
Size: C65&S / C70&M / C75&M / D65&S / D70&M / D75&M / E65&S / E70&M

Hourglass Bra Shaper (rose)
Size:BC70,BC75 / DE70,DE75

Everyday Essential Bra (nude rose/black/pearl blue)
Size:B70,B75 / C65,C70,C75 / D65,D70,D75 / E65,E70,E75 / F65,F70
*Pearl blue E70, E75 / F65, F70, mocha are not sold.

Everyday Essential Shorts (nude rose/black/pearl blue)
*Pearl blue L and mocha are not available for sale.

Everyday Essential Thong (nude rose/black)
*Mocha is not for sale.

Everyday Essential Night Bra (nude rose/black/french mauve)

Everyday Magical Lacy Shorts (nude rose/black/french mauve)

Everyday Magical Lacy Thong (nude rose/black)

Ribbon Leavers Lace Bra Set (pink rouge/black)
Ribbon Leavers Lace Camisole Set (pink rouge/black)
Second Skin Rosier Silk Pajama Set (rose)
ROSIER Bra Camisole(petale/rose/black/mocha)

*Some items and sizes may be out of stock. Please ask the store staff for details.
*Other details of the released items will be released from time to time on the ROSIER by Her lip to official Instagram, Her lip to official Twitter, etc.

<ROSIER Instagram Follow Campaign>

Those who follow ROSIER's official Instagram account during the pop-up shop period will receive an original mini clear file.
Please show the follow screen to the cashier staff at the time of checkout.

*Applicable only to those who purchase items at the pop-up shop *The offer may end without prior notice as quantities are limited.

Pop-up shop overview
ROSIER by Her lip to POP UP SHOP at Hankyu Umeda
Period: November 15, 2023 (Wednesday) - November 21, 2023 (Tuesday)
Location: Hankyu Umeda Main Store 3rd floor Something Good Studio
Business hours: 10am to 8pm
Address: 8-7 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
*Business hours are subject to change without notice. Please check the commercial facility website for details.