About Everyday Essential Bra Free Return Campaign

About Everyday Essential Bra Free Return Campaign

<Free return campaign for first-time purchasers of Everyday Essential Bra>

For customers who purchase Everyday Essential Bra for the first time on our official website
We are offering a free return campaign exclusively for first-time purchases of the Everyday Essential Bra .

If you are unsure about the size when you first purchase, please purchase a size close to the size you normally wear.
This campaign allows you to return any size other than the one that best fits you.

We accept returns within 7 days of receiving the product , so please make sure the size fits you.

*Everyday Essential Shorts, Everyday Essential Night Bra, Everyday Magical Lacy Shorts, Hourglass Bra Shaper, and Everyday Essential Strapless Bra are not eligible for return. Thank you for your understanding. (Added on 4/10/2024)

*Returns are not available for second or subsequent purchases.

<How to return the item>

Please select your reason for return below and submit your return request.

[ ]

*We cannot accept returns for reasons other than "the size doesn't fit."
*We will only be able to deal with requests if the product is in a condition where the delivery note and tag (attached to the product packaging) are attached .
*We cannot accept products that show signs of use, or products with missing accessories, damage, or stains.

▼Return method
Please complete the return procedure at your local convenience store or through a delivery company.
When returning the item, you can choose to return it yourself or request a collection service.

*If, after returning the products, the total amount of the products falls below the amount eligible for the novelty gift (15,000 yen including tax), please return the novelty gift along with the products.
*Postcards do not need to be included.

▼Return shipping fees

You can use cash on delivery for return shipping.
If the novelty item was not included, or if you are returning additional items, we ask that you return them prepaid.


Refunds will be made through your card company.
Please note that we are unable to check details such as the expected refund date as these are personal information. After receiving the email confirming the completion of the refund procedure, please contact your payment company.

*If the total amount of the returned products falls below the amount eligible for the gift (15,000 yen including tax), the refund will be made after the return of the gift has been confirmed. Thank you for your understanding.
*This campaign only allows refunds and does not allow exchanges for other sizes.
*If you use a coupon to make a purchase, the amount after the coupon will be refunded.
*Please note that we cannot refund or reissue coupons.

▼ Cases where the Everyday Essential Bra cannot be returned

- If you do not contact us within 7 days after the product arrives
- If you have purchased the Everyday Essential Bra from the official website more than twice
- If the item has been scratched, broken, or discolored due to reasons of the customer, or if it has been used even once (excluding trying it on indoors).
- If the product has an odor (perfume, cosmetics, cigarette odor, etc.) attached to it while in the customer's possession
- If there is any foreign matter attached (animal hair, other fibers, dust, etc.)
- Products with damaged or removed sewn-in brand names or quality labels
- The product is missing any packaging, tags (attached to the packaging), or accessories that come with the product
- If the delivery note included with the product has been lost or discarded
- Products ordered outside this website
- Items that have been altered or washed
- Other cases where we determine that we cannot accept the exchange based on the above.

For details regarding returns, please see the [ SHOPPING GUIDE ] on our official website.

*This campaign may end without notice.