Pair it with outerwear until fall ♡

Just one piece is refreshing in the summer.
When it gets chilly, pair it with outerwear.
Enjoy autumn-like coordination.

Double Bow Summer Long Dress

¥19,000 (tax in)



cloud has a calm and mature color tone
The fabric has a nice sheen to it
Perfect for autumn.
Goes well with sleeveless trench beige.
Adds a more mature impression.

Modern Classic Sleeveless Dress

¥23,000 (tax in)



For a classic black look
Pair it with a taupe trench for a more chic look.
Match with brown bag
Add a touch of autumn.

Roseraie Long Dress

¥24,000 (tax in)



A small floral pattern dress that can be worn for many seasons.
Excellent compatibility with trench.
Brown boots in fall and winter
Enjoy it with loafers.