What if I have multiple Her lip to accounts?

In principle, we ask that each person use one account, and registration of multiple accounts is prohibited. If you have multiple accounts, please merge them. If you have any questions about integration, such as combining account purchase information from different email addresses, please contact our customer center separately.

Is it possible to link guest purchases made on the official website without logging in to my account?

If you would like to add up purchase information from guest purchases on the official website, please contact the customer center separately. Also, please note that it is not possible to add up purchase information from directly managed stores or POPUP stores later.

Are only purchases made on the official website reflected in the status?

In addition to purchases on the official website, purchases at directly managed stores (House of Herme, Her lip to BEAUTY Lucuaile store, and other pop-up stores sponsored by the Her lip to brand) are also eligible for Club Hers. *Please note that purchases at stores other than directly managed stores and purchases on e-commerce sites on other companies' platforms are not eligible for Club Hers.

Do the benefits have an expiry date?

It can be used for one year from the date of issue. In addition, some benefits have a separate usage period from the date of issue.

When will the birthday benefits be granted?

<Birthday coupon> It will be reflected on your My Page on the day of your birthday. *When visiting the store, please present the coupon screen to the entrance staff. <Birthday benefits> We will deliver gifts and birthday discount tickets by the day of your birthday based on your status 2 weeks before your birthday. Birthday discount tickets can be used after your birthday. For birthday coupons and birthday benefits, benefits will not be granted if birthday information is not entered, so please enter it on My Page at least two weeks before your birthday. Benefits will be awarded based on your status as of 2 weeks ago. However, for the first year, those whose birthdays are between June 1st and August 31st will receive benefits based on their status as of September 1st.

When will I receive my welcome gift?

It will be bundled with the purchased item that triggered the status upgrade. If you upgrade by purchasing a pre-order item, it will be delivered together with the pre-order item.

What will happen to the benefits if my status is upgraded in a skip?

Basically, when you skip a grade, you can receive all status benefits. However, for birthday benefits, the benefits of the highest status after skipping a grade will be granted. The same applies to status-limited benefits for PEARL and above.

My status has been upgraded but the benefits are not reflected.

Some benefits may not be reflected immediately after a status upgrade. <Reflected on My Page 3 days after upgrade> ・Status-limited benefits (ROUGE) ・Free shipping ticket (PEARL, DIAMOND, GRACE) ・Gift wrapping (ROUGE, PEARL, DIAMOND, GRACE) <Reflected on My Page on the day of your birthday> ・Birthday coupon (BLOOM, ROUGE, PEARL) ・Birthday benefits (DIAMOND, GRACE) *For birthday benefits, the gift will be delivered by the day of your birthday. <Reflect on My Page according to the time when special benefits are announced> ・Status-limited benefits (PEARL, DIAMOND, GRACE) *Please look forward to the release of the benefits.

(For statuses above PEARL) "Status-limited benefits" are not reflected.

Regarding "status-limited benefits" for PEARL and above, we have different benefits from BLOOM and ROUGE. The details of the benefits will be announced at the time of announcement, but once the benefits are granted, they will be displayed on your My Page, so please look forward to it. *Please note that currently, the "status-limited benefits" that can be used immediately at Club Hers are only the 500 yen OFF coupon/1,000 yen OFF coupon that is given when upgrading BLOOM and ROUGE.