Regarding changes and cancellations after placing an order

■ Change your order

Once an order has been confirmed, we will not accept any changes to the order details (size, color, payment method, specified date, etc.) due to customer error or personal convenience.


■ Cancellation of your order (cancellation of your order)

With the exception of some products, orders can only be cancelled before the product is shipped.

*You cannot cancel only some of the items in your order.

*We cannot accept cancellations for ROSIER Exclusive Collection products, even before shipping.

Please submit your cancellation request using the form below.

*Only orders from within Japan are accepted.

[Orders that cannot be cancelled]

- For orders where shipping has already begun
- For orders where the product has been shipped
- If you wish to cancel only some of your order
- If you are ordering a pre-order item
-When ordering "made-to-order products"
-For orders purchased through in-store payment
- If the order is stated as non-cancellable on the product page or campaign page

Refunds after cancellation will be made through your card company. We cannot check details such as the expected refund date as these are personal information. After receiving the refund procedure completion email, please contact your payment company.

*If the offset cannot be made in time due to the closing date of the card company, the full purchase amount may be deducted. In that case, the refund will be made from the following month onwards.

*If you use a coupon, it cannot be reapplied after cancellation.

We do not accept cancellations, changes, exchanges, or returns after shipping has begun or after shipment has been made due to customer operational errors or for customer convenience.

■ Regarding the cooling off period

Please note that our online shopping is a mail order service accessed by customers, and therefore the cooling-off period does not apply.

■ Regarding refusal to receive a product

We do not accept cancellations after the product has been shipped.
However, there are cases where a customer does not receive the product even though it has been delivered, or returns the product even though they have received it.
In this case, due to cancellation due to customer's convenience, [shipping fee (including return shipping fee)]
[Packing materials cost]
[Shipping fee]
Any other damages and expenses incurred by our store shall be borne by the customer and will be billed by our store. In addition, when refunding payments made by credit card, the above damages and expenses will be deducted. Please note that the bank transfer fees for refunds shall be borne by the customer.

 *In cases where a customer repeatedly refuses to accept an order or returns the order for personal reasons, we may not be able to accept new orders from that customer. In such cases, we will not be able to respond to inquiries.