[Tokyo] Announcement of Her lip to Ice Cream -THE VACATION SHOP-
"Her Lip to Ice Cream -THE VACATION SHOP-"
Available for a limited time in 2024!

This year's theme is "La dolce vita"
Along with a space that will enhance the summer mood
Enjoy a moment of sweet bliss
It is the brand's signature
Including the cherry-inspired "CHERRY BON BON"
We offer 9 types of ice cream and 7 types of drinks.

Take-out available
Her Lip to Ice Cream original items
It will be sold in stores first.
You can take the items home on the day.
Notes on original items
  • Available on a first-come, first-served basis. Advance sales at the venue are limited.
    We have stock available, so this offer will end as soon as stock runs out.
  • Please note that the quantity limit may change during the period.
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • ・You can purchase items on the spot and take them home.
  • ・Payment can be made by credit card, various QR code payments,
    You can use transportation electronic money. Cash payment is not accepted.
    Please use cashless payment.
  • ・Purchases of original items are subject to Club Hers.
    Please present your Her lip to membership card.
  • ・Some original items will also be sold at the official online store.
For the latest information, visit Her lip to Ice Cream
We will announce it on our official Instagram
  • Please tell me the payment method
    We accept credit cards, QR code payments, and electronic money for public transport. Cash payments are not accepted, so please use cashless payment methods.
  • Is there an eat-in space?
    This is a take-out only service. Please feel free to use the benches and other facilities available within the Roppongi Hills facility.
  • Are there any restrictions on entry when it is crowded?
    Due to limited space in the store, we may ask you to queue and restrict entry when it is crowded. Staff will provide you with details on the day.
  • Can I store my luggage?
    Due to limited space in the store, we ask that you refrain from bringing in large items. Please also note that we do not offer luggage storage or luggage storage facilities.
  • Is there a time to start lining up?
    Please refrain from coming to the store before opening time of 11:00 or waiting in line to wait for the store to open, as this will cause inconvenience to neighboring stores. Please come to the store when it is opening time.
    It's been hot lately, so please be careful not to get heatstroke when you visit our store.
  • Can I purchase just the item?
    Yes, you can. We have limited edition items available, so please check them out.
  • Is my purchase eligible for Club Hers?
    All items are eligible for Club Hers. Please present your Her lip to membership card when paying.
  • Can I take photos?
    Yes, you can. We also have photo spots available, so please feel free to take some great photos.