Event Report

Event Report

Spring 2024 Event Report

Her lip to's spring shopping event, NOUVELLE ÉLÉGANCE-SPRING COLLECTION 2024-, was held in two cities, Tokyo and Kobe. The nine-day event has ended successfully. Thank you very much to everyone who came to visit.

We hope you enjoyed shopping in a space created to match the spring theme. Looking back on the event, we will report on the interior design and the spring collection.

[2024.4.13-17 TOKYO / House of Herme]

The Tokyo venue was the concept store "House of Herme" in Omotesando. Upon entering the entrance decorated with asymmetrical greenery, the first thing you see are the top items from the spring collection.

Inspired by French art museums, bright-colored mortar walls are placed around the floral dress that is the key visual. The greenery flowing out of the vase and the white tulip decoration express this season's theme, "NOUVELLE ÉLÉGANCE."

Mortar pillars reminiscent of the exterior of an art museum have been erected to create a chic, mature space.

Did you find your favorite dress among the diverse lineup, including classic black dresses and colorful dresses that you'll want to wear in spring and summer? The dress featured in the key visual, as well as elegant tweed dresses and shirt dresses, were very popular with visitors.

\Check out the behind the scenes production on Youtube/

For more details about the new spring dresses, including producer Kojima Haruna's particulars and a look at the in-house presentation, please check out our YouTube channel 🎥

Besides the dresses, we also have beautiful bags, hats, and accessories to coordinate with your outfit. The flower vase on the display table was also selected by producer Haruna Kojima for this event.

The photo booth next to the entrance was also designed for the event. It was decorated with fresh spring flowers, creating a stylish booth that would highlight the Her lip to dresses.

The suite room was used as an eat-in space for Café de Herme. Guests could enjoy the atmosphere of the event with original menu items such as the seasonal drink "Raspberry Lemon Tea Soda" that was newly released for the event, as well as lattes and canelés.

[2024.4.27-30 KOBE / GLASS HOUSE]

Following Tokyo, the event was held in Kobe at "GLASS HOUSE by Kitano Club Sora." In a light-filled space surrounded by greenery, a diverse lineup of dresses was unveiled. Some of the new items that were not yet available at the Tokyo venue were also available at the Kobe venue.


House of Herme will also be holding a three-day event to coincide with producer Kojima Haruna's birthday. Limited edition bouquets and drinks will be on sale, and a photo booth will be set up where you can take photos in original photo frames.

The entrance was decorated with a coral pink flower wall, signifying the arrival of spring, and was decorated with roses to create a celebratory mood, along with butterflies that bring happiness and a "LOVE" graphic that expresses Kojima Haruna's feelings.

Did you enjoy this event report? The spring event has now finished, but we are currently planning the next event, so please look forward to it!

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