Her Stylingサービスへのご招待

Invitation to Her Styling service

"With Her Styling service, you can show off the person you want to be. "

Our dedicated staff will suggest special styling ideas to meet your needs.

Her Styling is a service where our dedicated staff, "Service Experts," will suggest styling ideas tailored to each customer's needs and concerns.

Enjoy a special time with our dedicated staff all to yourself.

To ensure a smooth service, please make an appointment in advance.

The appeal of Her Styling services

Find your ideal style

  • Our dedicated staff will suggest styling ideas to suit your lifestyle, body type, and preferences.
  • Together we will find the style that will bring out your ideal self.

[Smooth shopping experience]

  • By making an appointment, you can receive service without waiting .
  • By listening to our customers' ideals in advance, we can get as close to their ideals as possible.

[Enjoy special shopping]

  • Customers who purchase over 50,000 yen (tax included) will receive free shipping to their specified address.
  • You can enjoy shopping at your own pace while chatting with our staff.
  • We offer special benefits exclusively for our service users.

How to use Her Styling services

①Please make a reservation via the chat bot of the Her Styling service. When you make a reservation, please fill out a pre-survey.

Book now🏰

[If you are visiting the store] Please come to House of Herme on the date and time of your reservation.
[Online] We will contact you via chat at the date and time of your reservation.

③Our dedicated staff will suggest styling ideas based on your needs and interests.

Meet our Herme Service Experts


In 2017, he joined a French luxury brand as a new graduate. He worked in sales and customer service as a fashion advisor. In 2022, he joined Heart Relation Co., Ltd. and is currently in charge of VMD for Her lip to events and branding for House of Herme.


She has worked in various service industries, including luxury brands and long-established hotels, and is an advisor for the Her Styling service.

Meet our Online Service Experts


Joined a major domestic cosmetics manufacturer as a new graduate in 2017. After working in the customer service industry as a beauty stylist for six years, joined Heart Relation Co., Ltd. in 2023. Mainly in charge of online customer service.


In 2017, she joined a long-established department store as a new graduate. After working in customer service and sales in the women's clothing sales department, she joined Heart Relation Co., Ltd. in 2022. She is mainly in charge of online customer service.

Comments from customers who have participated in advance

"I love choosing clothes while consulting with the staff, so it was a lot of fun. It felt luxurious and special to have one person there with me the whole time."

"Because they knew my purchase history in advance, they were able to suggest outfits that took into account the items I already had. I also liked that it was a one-on-one session, so it was easy to discuss outfits. I would like to continue receiving Her Styling services."

Make an appointment now


▼About reservations

You can reserve one slot (50 minutes) per person.
Each slot is on a first-come, first-served basis and reservations must be made by 12:00 PM the day before.
You must log in to the Her lip to official website. Reservations are only available to SWAN/GRACE customers.
  • As a general rule, only the person in question may use the facility. Please note that no one can accompany you.
  • Each person can make up to two reservations per month.
  • If slots are open, you can make a reservation for any date in the month you prefer.
  • If you continue to cancel without notice, we may refuse your reservation.
Reservation slot example
If there are reservations available from April 1st to May 15th, the dates available for reservation on April 1st are as follows.
  • Reservation for 4/2 (Reservation deadline is 12:00 PM the day before)
  • 4/2 and 4/10
  • 4/2 and 5/15
Reservation slots will be opened up one by one, so please check.


▼If you visit our store

When you visit, please follow the steps below to ensure a smooth entry.
1. Please tell the doorman
Please tell the doorman that you have booked the "Her Styling Service" and state your name.
2. Present the reservation completion email
Depending on the situation, we may ask you to show us the reservation completion email.
3. Admission
Customers who have completed the above steps may enter the venue. You may also enter the venue when numbered tickets are distributed.

▼If you are online

We will serve you via video call using "Channel Talk," the same service as our customer center.
  • Customers are free to turn their cameras on or off, but being able to talk to you face to face allows us to provide a more personal service.
  • You will need an internet connection on your smartphone/tablet/PC, so we recommend using a Wi-Fi environment.
  • You can use it via your browser, so there is no need to download any apps. (Recommended browsers: Chrome/Safari/Edge)

Cancellations and date changes

If you are unable to attend, please cancel by 12:00 noon the day before using one of the following methods.
  • Cancel via the link in the reservation confirmation email
  • After logging in to the Her lip to official website, go to "Purchase History" and cancel
Regarding cancellations without notice
Please note that if you continue to cancel without notice, we may refuse to accept future reservations.
Regarding schedule changes
If you wish to change the date, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation for the desired date.
Cancellation and date change procedures
1. Follow the steps above to cancel your order.
2. Make a new reservation for the date you wish to use.

The information desk

Her Lip To Customer Center
Business hours: 11:00~17:00 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

House of Herme

🏰Opening hours

12:00-20:00 (Café Last Order 19:45)

🏰 Access

2 minutes walk from Omotesando Station A1 exit

2nd Floor, 5-2-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001